Keep your Feathered Friends Happy and Healthy With Bird Food Recipes

home made bird food

Even though I have always owned cats and a dog or two, I do love to feed the wild birds that visit my yard. Depending upon the type of fowl, a wild bird will eat pretty much anything it can sink its beak into. A few years ago I purchased a case of dog food for my Toy Poodle who promptly refused to eat any of it, so for a month I would open a can and set the contents out on a paper plate in hte back yard. For almost the entire month I fed a big flock of Magpies that had come fresh in from the mountains.

Now and then my cats will bring me a rodent to dispose. For many years I would place the deceased rodent in the garbage can but if the pick up date was several days away, and the weather hot, that little creature would stink to high heaven. One day I tossed the rodent out into a flock of visiting crows. Ten minutes later problem eaten.

If you don't have any cleanly killed rats to toss to your meat-eating bird visitors or don't want to attract those types of birds, these wild bird food recipes will help heep song birds and insect eaters flying around your neighborhood.

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