Snowballs and Donuts

Sugary Confections and Doughnuts

Donuts fried sweet doughs

Donuts are popular confections in many countries. Donuts are generally fried sweet doughs that can be home made or purchased in bakeries and stores. Special donut cutters create the traditional "O" shape of the dessert. These cutters also make donut holes, the small piece of dough cut out of the circles. When making donuts at home I've found these pieces make fun additions to the hole donut experience (bad pun, I couldn't resist).

Home made doughnuts are so much more moist, tender and flavorful than store bought. We made lots of donuts when I was a kid, probably because they were made from affordable ingredients and easy to make snacks at the time. I suspect they still are inexpensive and easy but I haven't made donuts in a long time myself.

The easiest method is to simply fry the dough and roll the sweet treats in powdered sugar while still warm. If you have kids involved there will be plenty of volunteers for this little chore. Pop the donuts into a paper bag filled with powdered sugar and shake, shake, shake the booty. Decorate the doughnuts with glaze, icing or give them a dusting of chopped nuts or colored candy sprinkles.

Several things to remember when making donuts:

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