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Historic Mazes

Mazes are muticursal patterns, more complex than simple labyrinths, with several paths or branches and dead ends through which the solver must find a route to the destination.

The historic images in Mazes and Labyrinth web site are based upon public domain images and items currently on display in public museums and in historical reference material such as the Project Gutenberg. These images are artist renditions and are definitely not intended to be scientifically accurate or drawn to scale representations.

Purpose of this site is to provide a brief introduction to maze and labyrinth craft activities for preschool children in the hopes of piquing the interest of young children into investigating further into the fascinating labyrinth and maze history.

Fun Famous Mazes


Unique, worksheets, word puzzles, dot to dot, including coloring pages, math worksheets, preschool printable images, and crossword puzzles are provided for added fun projects for visiting youngsters and busy teachers, parents and caregivers. The images in Maze and Labyrinth design patterns may also be used for non-commercial, non-profit crochet, embroidery, latch-hook rugs, wood work , decorations, ornaments, and other educational or personal art projects.

Many of these historic mazes are derived, not accurately, from public domain images that appear in the Project Gutenberg's Amusements in Mathematics, by Henry Ernest Dudeney a 1917 publication

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