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mitten valentine folding frame

Holiday Mitten Ornaments

The word "mitten" comes from the Middle English word "miteyn." Archeologists believe mittens originated in Latvia around 1000AD. I think it was a darned fine invention too. When I lived in the cold climates I discovered that mittens are better than gloves at keeping hands warm. When I lived in fairly warm areas I never gave it a thought which was better the glove or the mitten, but after a few times of driving in a blizzardy, frozen, snow storm and arriving at my destination with icicles where my fingers should have been I started experimenting with different hand coverings.

Mittens won hands down! I think it's because gloves keep the fingers separated so they don't transfer warmth to each other digit. With warm mittens your hand and fingers circulate warmth inside the covering, that is my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Make keepsake photo frames for your sweetheart on Valentines or any Day to share.