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Snowflake Recipes

Established 02/20/2007

snowflake recipes

The Snowflake Recipes site contains many favorite family recipes, some of which we have collectively enjoyed for 60 years and longer.

Favorite Family Recipes for Any Season

My mother, grandmother and most of the other cooks in the family keep their favorite recipes in neatly sorted boxes of typed recipe cards. Over the years these cards seem to take on a life of their own with pencil scratches, oil spots and helpful notes, ingredient suggestions and substitutions and comments.

Whenever I go into the recipe boxes I always pull out those cards that look most used and abused because I know the recipes will be absolutely perfect in taste and quality. The same can be applied to a good cook book. Just look for the most well-used and worn pages for the tried and true family favorites. There are millions of recipes on the Internet, in cook books and sitting on the shelf gathering dust in your cupboard or book shelves. I guarantee if there are any dog-eared or stained and yellowed pages, the prospects are a lot more promising than with clean and pristine pages.